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About Us

Design and Innovation
In energy production control


The main goal for the company is to satisfy the several needs of end users through an offer of high quality and reliable products. Elentek invests in R&D by entrusting the development of new products to a competent team to research increasingly efficient, innovative and quality products.


Electrical panels with an innovative design and advanced electronics suitable for any type of application.
Designed for the management of electric pumps and motors, they offer a high degree of customization in order to satisfy any type of solution required.


Production processes, product quality, enhancement of human resources.
Thanks to these values Elentek is ISO 9001 certified. Our range perfectly matches the “Made in Italy” features, all our products are made in our factory with components of leading Italian and European brands.


Quadro elettrico

and Innovation

Product innovation passes through the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials that guarantee reliability and durability.
Our products have constantly been improved while staying up to date with the latest technologies and market trends.
Every detail is scrupulously researched to obtain a unique product of its kind, which encompasses technological know-how, reliability, ease of use, safety and originality.

in each detail

Attention to detail, product innovation and the highest quality standards allow us to produce thousands of products exported all over the world. All our products are studied and worked down to the smallest detail within our production plants. Every single component is used with care and attention, nothing is left to chance.
We are able to offer customized and tailored solutions around the customer's needs thanks to the experience of our staff and maintaining high quality standards that have always distinguished us.
Professionalism, short delivery times, efficient after-sales service are our keys to success.

Interno di un quadro elettrico
Quadri elettrici Smart pro

Made in Italy

Creativity, design and Italian style are the basis for the design of Elentek products, a Made In Italy brand recognized today at international level.
The main objective of our design studio is the result, designed by focusing on the customer's needs and with an eye to the future without neglecting the past. The functionality of our models is perfectly suited to any type of construction, paying attention to maintaining the product's performance and strengths unchanged.


The reliability of one totally internal production

One of our strengths is our internal production. Thanks to our highly qualified team we are able to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Furthermore, the advantage of designing all products with our technical office allows us to customize the various products according to the needs of the consumer. In the “How we work” section, you can discover all the processing stages of our electrical panels.


We have a control panel for each of your needs.
Our electric panels have been designed for a variety of uses.
They find application in the following systems: pressurization and irrigation systems, drainage systems, multi-pump systems and with various controls. 
Our range is very varied, solutions can be found for any use and with different technical characteristics able to satisfy the customer.


We have all the accessories to complete the installation of your control panel.

From the bases designed by us for pressurization units to the galvanized steel and stainless steel manifolds, to numerous other electrical and hydraulic accessories and spare parts. Do not hesitate to ask our sales office for more information, we will reply as quickly as possible.

Drop float

Float switches

Discover the floats in the FLO clear water and DROP wastewater versions. They are suitable for regulating the level of liquids and for regulating the maximum and minimum level.


 The experience of over thirty years

Michele Borgato began his first activity designing and assembling the first electronic boards in 1997 in a basement of a show room in the province of Padova. 
The experience increases thanks to new adventures in the sector, participating in the development of various businesses which, first in Italy and then in Europe, become a point of reference.



Elentek was born in 2011 thanks to the collaboration of a close-knit staff of just 5 people, cultivating a passion for mechanics as well as electronics
The growth in the electronic field continues for Elentek which develops new projects together with foreign and Italian partners, and combines the production of electrical panels with the production of anti-flooding systems and generators.




Elentek is constantly looking for perfection in its products, continuous improvement is the basis of our corporate vision and this entails a high quality level. The development of new products in 2019 such as the Scout electronic panel and the Wastek electronic panel are the symbol of this company policy. 
To date new products and additional components are under development to guarantee new applications and 4.0 management systems to the user.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


30 Motivated people

The strength of our company is our staff. 30 highly qualified and motivated people who manage even the most difficult challenges by working together, because together nothing is impossible.

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