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We offer our customers 100% support

Components and spare parts

Immediate availability at our spare parts warehouse.

Availability to organize any shipment of components in 24 hours to our dealers thanks to a widespread and efficient logistic network.


✓ Certified reliability of the original components totally managed by Elentek and with the collaboration of our selected supplier partners.

✓ Controlled  processes thanks to the rigorous production and supply standards for any component

✓ Reduced total operating costs and higher residual value in stock .

✓ Assistance and experience of a technical staff that knows the products to the smallest details. 

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Elentek offers 12 months of warranty for each product.

Following to a brief report of the product's or the component's malfunction  Elentek will provide a replacement in short times.

Our service is constantly at our customers' disposal.

Elentek counts on an international distribution network with knowledgeable companies able to offer an excellent service to the final customer.

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