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Tekspeed set - Frequency inverter and direct start with fixed speed

Tekspeed SET

Frequency inverter and direct start with fixed speed, for the control of two three-phase pumps, with wall mounting

Tekspeed SET is an electrical control and protection  panel for two pumps. It includes an inverter  (frequency variator) for the control of the main pump  and a direct start at fixed speed for the secondary  pump. This system is designed to maintain the  optimal pressure in the system. 

The two pumps work in alternation and  contemporaneity and the pump managed by the  inverter changes with each start, or timed.

From 1330 €


  • Frequency inverter with PID logic for the management of the main pump 

  • Power relay for the management of the auxiliary electric pump 

  • Multifunction LCD display for visualization: nominal pressure, voltage, current, frequency, working hours, number of starts and  alarm history log 

  • Buttons for custom function selection and parameterization 

  • Alternating sequence of operation: for cycles or for maximum time 

  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test). When the control panel is in dry run protection, ART tries, with a programmed periodicity, to  restart the pump until the water flow is re-established 

  • STC function (Smart Temperature Control): when the temperature of the electronic board exceeds 85º C automatically decreases  the frequency of revolution of the pump, decreasing the heat generation, while maintaining the flow of water 

  • Automatic system recovery after power failure. The system restarts maintaining the configuration parameters 

  • Configurable electronic input for: external level control, assigning a second pressure setpoint, control remote start-stop 

  • Input for external pressure transducer with 4-20 mA signal 

  • Aluminium heat sink with forced ventilation

Multifunctional LCD control panel

  • Indication LEDs, START-STOP, AUTOMATIC buttons 

  • Configuration system

Tekspeed SET


  • Control and protection system of electric pumps against overcurrent. 

  • Dry running protection system of the electric pump. 

  • Abnormal supply voltage. 

  • Short circuit between system output phases 

  • Pressure transducer error alarm


Tekspeed SET

Tekspeed SET

Tekspeed set - Frequency inverter and direct start with fixed speed



Image by Adi Goldstein
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