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Tekpress pro - pressflow switch with control and pressure reduction

Tekpress PRO

Pressflow switch with regulation and reduction of starting and output pressures, with electronic overcurrent control, to ensure the best constant pressure

Tekpress PRO is an electronic regulator and  pressure reducer for single phase pumps with  power up to 2.2kw (1~115 - 230V) complete with  overcurrent protection system, that allows to  maintain a constant output pressure through an  innovative system of reduction and regulation of  the same. 

It integrates a digital display with instantaneous  indication of pump absorption current and output  pressure. The device consists of an integrated nonreturn valve, flow sensor, a storage membrane, a  manometer and light indicators. 

In addition, a dry  running protection, the ART function (Automatic  Reset Test) and the APR function (Periodic Self  Test), allow the system to stabilize and adjust  the output pressure, avoiding overpressure and  unwanted water hammer, improving the comfort  and durability of the system.

From 214 €


  • Multifunctional LED display for visualization: nominal pressure, current, working hours, number of starts and alarm history log 

  • Yellow led (power presence) 

  • Green LED (active pump) 

  • Red led (alarm) 

  • Buttons for custom function selection and parameterization

  •  Hydraulic connections G1”, G1-1/4”, NPT1”, NPT1-1/4” 

  • Power relay to handle pumps up to 2.2 kW (3HP) 

  • Manual output pressure adjustment (with indicator) 

  • Digital start pressure adjustment 

  • Internal pressure transducer 

  • Internal flow sensor 

  • Avoids the pump oversized thanks to the integral use of the flow-pressure curve 

  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test). When the control panel is in dry run protection, ART tries, with a programmed periodicity, to  restart the pump until the water flow is re-established 

  • APR function (Periodic Self Search). After 3 days without starting the pump, the device creates a 10-second start to avoid the engine  block

  •  Integrated storage system that prevents the pump from starting due to leakage in the hydraulic system

Tekpress PRO


  • Control and protection system of electric pumps against overcurrent. 

  • Dry running protection system of the electric pump. 

  • Flow failure control system. 

  • Protection against overpressure/water hammer


Tekpress PRO

Tekpress PRO

Tekpress pro - pressflow switch with control and pressure reduction



Image by Adi Goldstein
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