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Smart Evo 2: 9 good reasons to choose the Elentek control panel

Publication date: 22 Febbraio 2018

Smart Evo 2 is Elentek's control panel for drainage and pumping systems. What are the advantages compared to other control panels? Discover the 9 plus that make this product the most complete ever!

1. Large supply range
The electronic board managing Smart Evo 2 has a switching power supply that can compensate for high voltage variations of single-phase from 100-240 Vac / three-phase from 310 to 450 Vac.

2. Protection in any case
Three dry-running controls with: regulation of the minimum absorbed current, minimum float or level probes. Sequence control and phase failure (in three-phase) and minimum and maximum network voltage control, complete with 12 Vdc outputs for command or remote alarms.

3. Simple, easy and reliable
Simplicity of use, intuitive in use and in operating status. Total reliability managed by microprocessor, easy to install.

4. Multifunctional
Multiplicity of use in various situations for submersible pumps, booster sets or submersible pumps.

5. Range
Warehouse stock reduction for high settable power range.

6. Intuitive
Various functions and controls such as the assisted calibration of the minimum and maximum current with automatic reset functions.

7. Innovation
Can also be used with the APP module for smartphones, with the addition of features such as "service control" mode.

8. Efficient
Pump rotation for external command and in case of overcurrent or after trip for minimum current.

9. Checked
Control of the pump start delayed by the return of the electrical network after a brief interruption or blackout.

Simple and functional but also original and design, Smart Evo is the ideal control panel for all functions related to clean water (emptying, filling, pressurization, etc) and to wastewater (emptying and drainage).


Smart Evo, high standards without additional costs. For any information do not hesitate to contact us!

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