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Great success for Elentek at Plantworx 2017

Publication date: 19 Giugno 2017

Elentek had a great deal of success at Plantworx 2017 despite the bad weather that was unstoppable on Leicestershire during the event.

Plantworx is an important event dedicated to the construction industry, which has wide space for machinery systems, tools, equipment and services.

The growing demand for the English market has been largely satisfied by our offer of lighting towers. ItalTower's ASTRID has been the star of the event among the many products that we have exhibited: a vertical lighting tower with hydraulic lifting system and 4 LEDs 300W each that is ready to illuminate the UK's roads.

Rental companies have been completely affected by the new features of the product and the requests did not delay to arrive, in fact.

Thank you for coming to our booth and for your interest in our products!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about lighting towers and please visit our website:





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