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ACQ580: low voltage frequency converter for specific industrial sectors

Publication date: 28 Febbraio 2018

Great news at Elentek! The company is pleased to announce that, soon, the Vartek Plus control panels will be equipped with ABB's innovative ACQ580 low-voltage frequency converter.

Technical features:

 High energy efficiency in pumping systems:

- Energy savings of up to 50% in speed control applications - to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
- Advanced energy-saving functions, for example, the optimizer that improves the overall efficiency of the pumping system
- Optimized energy consumption in parallel pump systems

 Maximum operability:

- A specific assisted function manages preventive maintenance of the converter and pumps, signaling to the user the scheduled maintenance deadlines according to the hours of operation
- Assisted diagnostics detect problems in the pumping system and identify the causes, suggesting possible solutions
- Redundancy in parallel pump systems: if one of the pumps fails, the process does not stop
- Prevention of dry running
- Tropicalized boards to extend the life of the converter

Gradual filling of the ducts:

The gentle start-up of the pump allows to gradually reach the desired flow rate in the ducts, avoiding pressure peaks (for example in irrigation systems, where the ducts remain temporarily empty and controlled filling is required). Increases the service life of the distribution network and the pumping system.


To ensure reliable operation in multi-pump systems with several pumps connected in parallel. System redundancy means that, in the event that one or more pumps fail due to a fault or maintenance, the rest of the pumps will continue to operate. Maintenance times and costs decrease.

Automatic pump alternation:

To balance operating times over long periods in parallel pumping systems. Extends the service life of pumps and motors. This feature increases the MTBR (average time before repair) and reduces maintenance costs.

Specific pump protections:

To guarantee the correct execution of the processes. The protection functions report any changes in the default conditions of the process. If the flow or pressure exceeds the set limits, an alarm is generated. This function prevents, for example, the dry running of the pumps.

Flow calculation:

The converter receives accurate data on the flow level in the process. Therefore it is not necessary to install expensive external flowmeters. This feature is suitable for applications where flow data is not used for billing.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics:

They are easily implemented in pumping stations thanks to the ABB SREA-01 Ethernet adapter. This remote interface module (optional) sends process data, logs and event messages independently, without auxiliary devices. The web server functionality of the adapter activates the monitoring interface within common Internet browsers. In this way, direct inspections on the spot are reduced, with great savings on costs.

Multi-pump control:

For applications in which several pumps operate in parallel, with variable flow. It maintains stable process conditions by optimizing the speed and number of pumps required. This feature allows you to operate multiple pumps together while maximizing energy efficiency.

Pump priorities:

For systems where consumption varies according to demand. The frequency converter can be programmed, for example, to drive high capacity pumps during the day and at reduced capacity during the night. This allows better planning of maintenance and optimizing energy efficiency by using pumps near maximum efficiency points.

Sleep and Boost:

For primary water pumping systems, during the night when water consumption decreases. The "Sleep and Boost" function of the frequency converter detects the slow rotation and activates the pump to increase the pressure before switching off. Pumping resumes when the pressure falls below the minimum level. This function prolongs the delay time of the pump and saves energy. Furthermore, avoiding the non-productive operation, extends the useful life of the motor and pump.

Pump cleaning:

To avoid clogging of pumps and pipes in waste water pumping stations. By repeatedly pressing the pump back and forth, the impeller is cleaned. If the cleaning function is activated too often an alarm is triggered. Cleaning can be timed so as not to interrupt the pumping cycle, thus maximizing the operation of the processes.

More energy efficiency, less CO2:

One of the main advantages of ABB frequency converters for primary and waste water treatment is the opportunity to save energy compared to fixed speed or traditional flow control methods. Instead of having an electric motor that always runs at maximum speed, the frequency converter allows the user to control and vary the engine speed according to demand.

ABB provides "energy audit" services and energy saving tools to assess the achievable savings in primary water and wastewater treatment applications, quickly determining where and how to reduce consumptions. By reducing the engine speed by as much as 20%, you can save up to 50% energy. In addition, ABB frequency converters have a payback time, calculated exclusively on energy savings, generally within two years.


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