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Elentek lands in Egypt and Libya: massive supply of control panels for the extraction of water from the underground

Publication date: 4 Agosto 2017

Elentek participated in a massive supplies of control panels for submersible pumps which are used for the extraction of water from the underground and the transformation of the treated area into an agricultural area.

We are in the Sahara desert area, especially in Egypt and southern Libya, where there are huge reserves of fossil water rained over 25,000 years ago.

Water accumulated in these areas, deposited at hundreds of meters of depth, is a fundamental natural resource which has been drawn for agricultural re-use and irrigation of cultivated areas.

Therefore, several water extraction projects have started, operations that requires large submersible pumps to overcome the main difficulty, i.e. filling the wells with depths from 20 to 200 meters.

Elentek has participated in projects about control panels for submersible pumps with different type of starting and with power ranging from 40 to 220 kW. Thanks to the various supplies from Elentek, it will be possible to use the extracted water for rainwater irrigation, especially during hours of darkness.

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