New App for remote control

The first APP by Elentek for the control of the control panel SMART EVO and EXPRESS via Bluetooth

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Available for control panels

With the SMART EVO APP you can control the status of the electric panel and of the inputs and to carry on operations without having to open the panel.

The SMART EVO APP allows you to enter the control of the panel with 3 different passwords corresponding to 3 level of use according to the type of user.

The functionalities

  • When entering with the INSTALLER password is entered a screen appears to change the USER and ADVANCED user passwords can be changed.
  • Visualization of the run hours of the pump.
  • Reset of the start counter and hour counter (function set for the maintenance/replacement of the pump).
  • Visualization of the status of inputs and outputs.
  • The status of the commands on the electronic board can be checked without opening the panel.
  • Visualization status of dipswitch, min-max current of the motor and probes sensitivity.
  • Changes to set-up can be carried on by INSTALLER user only.

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