Control panel with microprocessor for 1 and 2 single-phase or three-phase pumps.

The ideal system for the management and maintenance of your electric pump, thanks to the dedicated app.
Practical and versatile, WASTEK allows you to save time of installation and to reduce maintenance costs. 

General technical features

  • Power supply 1~230Vac 50/60Hz +/-10% (WASTEKMono);

  • Power supply 3~400Vac 50/60Hz +/-10% (WASTEK-Tri);

  • Language settings: Italian, English, Spanish, German, French;

  • Electronic wide range transformer (single-phase 100-240Vac; three-phase 310-450Vac);

  • Input for motor clicson;

  • Inputs for single-pole probes or minimum level float switch;

  • Normally open input for motor activation;

  • Normally open input for high level alarm activation;

  • Input for pressure level sensor (accurate to the centimeter of water – displayable up to 1 meter);

  • Cumulative alarm output with volt free contact (NC-C-NO) resistive load – 5A / 250V);

  • Provision for capacitor in the single phase model;

  • Power contactor in AC3 in the three phase models;

  • Wide LCD with latin alphabet characters, backlighted in green color;

  • Automatic-0-Manual selector (spring return);

  • Forced activation of the motor in manual mode;

  • Safety mode operation for potentially explosive atmosphere;

  • “Service Mode” to unlock parameters during service;

  • Electronic control of the current consumption of the motor for thermal protection (2 current transformers for a higher precision on the three-phase model);

  • Phase failure/sequence with alarm;

  • Set up of delay on activation and switch off of the pump;
    Alarm for lack of load;

  • Digital ammeter and voltmeter on LCD;

  • Alarms history: all the active alarms remain in memory as long as they are reset or the control panels gets switched off;

  • All the set up and the parameters remain saved even after the switch off of the panel;

  • Protection with fuse inside the panel (for single-phase model only);

  • Min and max supply voltage alarm set up;

  • Box ABS IP55 with cable glands.



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Electronic board

WASTEK control panels are made in ABS thermoplastic box with the original Elentek design, waterproof, self-extinguishing, IP55 protection.
The WASTEK series features a practical LCD display for reading the operating and alarm status, and programming and command keys on the front of the panel.
The signals acquired by the various analog instruments are processed by the microprocessor which controls the connected motors.
WASTEK is also equipped with an interface for connecting an air sensor (0-100cm).


WASTEK has been studied and developed for use in drainage systems, and its plus compared to other panels used for the same application is the option of using an extremely precise air level sensor (0-100 cm) and, alternatively, a 4-20 mA transducer.
It also has the safety protection mode to use the electric pump in environments with explosive atmospheres thanks to the blocking of the intake of the surrounding air. This function is designed to prevent gases in the atmosphere from entering the electric pump impeller which could generate sparks and explosions.
The motor protection in the single-phase model is done by a fuse while the three-phase motor is protected by a circuit breaker.

Main screens

WASTEK has a practical LCD for reading the operating and alarm status as well as an indicator light to indicate the alarm status, and programming and command keys on the frontpanel.
The main screen shows the active motors, the input voltage and the total current absorption of the loads connected.


Any set-up, control and use operation is done on the frontpanel  without opening the enclosure of the panel.
5 languages are available in the software (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German).
The system is simple, fast and intuitive.


The WASTEK electronic board has a cumulative alarm output with volt free contacts 5A – 250V.
All the alarm messages are shown on the frontpanel LCD: safety mode alarm, motor in protection, motor overtemperature, voltage too low or too high, lack / phase sequence, min or max level, maintenance required.




with 4-20mA level sensor

WASTEK application for emptying a tank with electronic level sensor (4-20 mA).


with air pressure sensor

WASTEK application for emptying a tank with air sensor. 




  • LL

    Allarme lampeggiante luminoso



With the SMART EVO APP you can control the status of the electric panel and of the inputs and to carry on operations without having to open the panel. 

You can download the SMART EVO APP for free both from GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE.


Language set-up.

Pair device

Search for the WASTEK control panel to be connected via bluetooth.


Enter password according to the type of user.

Enter password according to the type of user.


Customise your WASTEK according to the type of pumping system.


Visualization of the status of inputs and outputs.

The status of the commands on the electronic board can be checked without opening the panel.

Alarms history

Visualization of the panel's alarm history (resettable).


Connection drawings WASTEK 1


Connection drawings WASTEK 2

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