Unit Alarm

Acoustic/flashing alarm with buffer battery 

UNIT ALARM 1: buzzer 90 dbA
UNIT ALARM 2: buzzer 90 dbA and flashing light 
UNIT ALARM GSM: buzzer 90 dbA, flashing light and kit GSM

General technical features

  • Power supply 1 ~ 50/60Hz 230V ±10%;

  • 1 Normally open contact for alarm signal from volt free contact ;

  • 1 Normally close contact for alarm signal from volt free contact ;

  • Green led indicating mains supply;

  • Red led indicating alarm;

  • Red led indicating beacon disabled;

  • Alarm beacon 90dB 12Vcc;

  • Red flashing led 12Vcc (mod. UNIT ALARM 2 and UNIT ALARM GSM)

  • GSM modem with antenna and transmitter settable for signalling alarm activation to mobile phones. GSM phone-card not included (mod. UNIT ALARM GSM);

  • Pushbutton for enabling the acoustic alarm;

  • Pushbutton for disabling the acoustic alarm;

  • Internal selector for selecting alarm restoration mode in automatic or manual;

  • Internal selector for activation of the auto switch-off beacon timer ;

  • Trimmer for auto switch-off time delay;

  • Internal sealed battery 12Vcc 1,2Ah;

  • Box in ABS, IP55;

  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;

  • Relative humidity 50% a 40 °C (not condensed).  


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General operation

The UNIT ALARM panel is a device applicable to any system where it is necessary to have alarm signals even in case of black-out or lack of mains power supply.
When 230V mains power is supplied the battery inside UNIT ALARM panel is automatically charged according to the charge level of the battery itself.
It is recommended to periodically carry out a test to check the correct operation of the panel by holding the TEST button down to temporarily activate the acoustic signal and, if present, the flashing light.
When the NC and NO inputs change their status (NC opens and NO closes) the acoustic and, if present, flashing alarm is activated (red flashing).


UNIT ALARM can be set to turn off the beacon at the end of the alarm condition or to continue to acoustically signal the alarm until the intervention of an operator, who can decide whether to reset the alarm by pressing the RESET key or switch off only the signal of the buzzer and the flashing light leaving the red LED on to indicate that the anomaly has not yet been resolved, by pressing the SILENCE key.

It is possible to set an internal timer adjustable from 25 to 120 seconds for the programmed switching off of the alarm signals.

GSM version

Unit Alarm is available in the GSM model, in other words supplied with a kit including an antenna and a programmable transmitter  for signalling the activation of the alarm to mobile phones.



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