Quadro elettrico con soft starter per elettropompe e motori

Static Plus

The ideal solution for controlling pumps performance.

Electric panel with soft starter for 1 three-phase electric pump with amperometric protection.



General features

  • Power supply 3~50/60Hz 400V ±10%;

  • Auxiliaries contacts and circuits in low voltage;

  • Normally open contact for start;

  • Normally open contact for minimum level/pressure contact;

  • Soft starter with the following advanced controls:

    • Backlighted LCD with keyboard;

    • Integrated By-Pass;

    • Phase control (R-S);

    • Nominal current of the motor;

    • Timer for starting ramp (1…30 s);

    • Timer for stopping ramp (Off, 1…30 s);

    • Start/Stop voltage (30…70 %);

    • Limit of the current;

    • Couple control during the starting ramp;

    • Couple control during the stopping ramp;

    • Kick start;

    • Electronic control for motor overload;

    • Protection from low load;

    • Protection from rotor blocked;

    • Fieldbus communication;

    • Comunicazione Fieldbus;

  • Selector for Auto-Off-Manual (stable) operation;

    • Manual: direct operation without controls;

    • Automatic: operation with control by minimum level/
      pressure and start;

  • Blue led indicating mains supply;

  • Green led indicating motor running;

  • Red led indicating motor overload;

  • Overload thermal relay internally restorable.

  • Auxiliaries and motor protection fuses;

  • Isolator;

  • Metallic box, IP54;

  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;

  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (not condensed).




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Soft starter

A soft starter for the start of the pumps consists basically of two parts: a power unit and a control unit.
An “in line” connection is generally used. When the type of soft starter does not include thermal protection, an external thermal relay is installed upstream of the bypass node.

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It can be very useful for reducing hammering in pumping systems.
This phenomenon occurs when a pump is stopped quickly.
The fluid, which is in motion, is forced to stop equally quickly, causing sudden changes in pressure on the pipelines and on the system valves.

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The entire STATIC series is offered as standard with an IP55 metal box, and a whole series of accessories and options are available, including double door boxes and fiberglass enclosures.



Quadri adatti


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    Controllo sequenza e mancanza fasi

  • CI24V / CI230V

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  • TPL

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  • WT

    Timer settimanale digitale

  • DT

    Timer giornaliero

  • TMF

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  • PSS

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  • DBT

    Dispositivo per allarme con batteria in tampone

  • LL

    Allarme lampeggiante luminoso

  • AA

    Allarme acustico 90dB

  • COM-A

    Commutatore amperometrico

  • AMP


  • COM

    Selettore voltmetrico 4 posizioni

  • VOLT

    Voltmetro analogico 0-500V

  • RL

    Level relay for automation

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