Smart Evo 2

The most complete control panel for sewage and pumping systems ever!

SMART EVO 2 is the best-seller control panel from Elentek, suitable to multiple applications both for clean water systems (emptying, filling, pressurization) and dirty water (emptying and draining waste water).
Compact, economical and easy to install and use.  

General technical features

  • Power supply 1phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (SMART EVO-Mono);

  • Power supply 3phase 310-450Vac 50/60Hz (SMART EVO-Tri);
    2 n.o. input G/P1 and G/P2;

  • T1 and T2 input for motor clicson;

  • 2 inputs for 3 single-pole probes (COM-MIN-MAX);

  • Input G.A. normally open for alarm activation;

  • Push-buttons for selecting operation AUTOMATIC-0-MANUAL(temporary);

  • DIP-SWITCH selectors for:

    • enabling level alarm from probes;

    • thermal cut-out activation delay 5/10 seconds;

    • alarm output settings;

    • alarm reset enable from motor clicson;

    • filling/emptying mode;

    • enabling start/stop float function;

    • delay of electronic board activation on power mains return;

    • enabling motors exchange;

  • 2 Green led: power ON / failure or incorrect phase sequence;

  • 2 Green led: automatic mode enabled;

  • 2 Green led: motor active;

  • 2 Red led: level alarm from sensors or GA input;

  • 2 Red led: motor overload alarm/minimum current alarm;

  • 2 Red led: motor clicson activation alarm;​

  • 3 inputs for level probes (COM-MIN-MAX);

  • Anti-seize autotest (2 sec. every 48 hours);

  • Electronic control of maximum current overload, with assisted calibration;

  • Electronic control of minimum current dry run, with assisted calibration;

  • Automatic reset due to minimum current alarm;

  • Motor activation delay timer after power supply return;

  • Protection of auxiliary circuits and motor with fuses;

  • Cumulative alarm output with voltage-free contacts (NC-C-NO resistive load - 5A / 250V);

  • Cumulative alarm output, live (12Vcc / 100mA);

  • Door lock isolator switch;

  • Provision for start-up capacitors, single phase version (not included);

  • Box in ABS, IP55;

  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;

  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (condensate free).


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Scheda elettronica Smart Evo 2 con protezione amperometrica regolabile

Electronic board 

SMART EVO 2 electronic board is equipped with a dip-switch module with 7 selectors to set the following operation modes: signaling of level alarm from probe input, delay of intervention of amperometric protection, setting of alarm outputs, reset mode of alarm from motor clicson, filling / emptying operating mode, start/stop function, board activation delay in case of mains return.
The amperometric protection for overcurrent and minimum current (dry running protection) is adjustable using the trimmers on the board.

App Smart Evo 2 per controllo e gestione da smartphone


The peculiarity of the electronic board of SMART EVO control panel is a dedicated App available for free both in Google Play and in the App Store and usable with the optional Bluetooth Express card to be installed quickly and easily on the motherboard of SMART EVO.
The app allows you to control and manage the operation of the electrical panel directly from your smartphone or tablet adding functions such as hour run counter, starting counter, amp meter, history of the 20 most recent alarms, status of inputs and outputs and the possibility to set dip-switches and trimmers from the smartphone increasing the precision of the set-up value.

Scheda elettronica con fusibili


The motor protection fuses are supplied as a standard with SMART EVO 2 and can be replaced by circuit breaker on request.
An isolator switch cuts the main power supply input to cut-off voltage to the panel and guarantees max safety when opening the control panel.
The motors and the external controls (floats, pressure switches,…) can be connected to the terminal inside the panel.

Indicazioni luminose e pulsanti a fronte quadro

Functions indication

SMART EVO 2 control panel is equipped with led lights on the frontpanel to indicate: main supply, pump running, automatic operation, phase failure/sequence, minimum current alarm, level alarm from probes or float switches, overtemperature motor alarm.

Funzione autoprova antigrippaggio impostabile

Anti seize function

The control panel SMART EVO can be set with a pumps auto-test active when the panel is in automatic mode operation. 
The auto-test has a fix non-adjustable time and will activate the pump to run for 2 seconds every 48 hours.

Uscite allarme scheda elettronica Smart Evo


The SMART EVO 2 electronic board has an alarm output with volt free contacts  and an energized output 12Vcc – 100mA where to connect an acoustic or visual alarm which activates for all the alarm status of which the system is equipped: minimum current alarm (dry running), overcurrent alarm, phase failure/sequence (three-phase model only), level alarm from probes or float/pressure switch input, overtemperature alarm.




clear water with  2 pumps

SMART EVO 2 application for emptying clear water, controls by float switches.

Pressurization/ Irrigation

with pressure switch and probes

SMART EVO 1 application for pressurization or irrigation with pressure switches and dry running protection by float switches. 

Emptying/ Drainage

waste water

SMART EVO 2 application for emptying/drainage of waste water with float switches with variable trim. 





  • CI24V / CI230V

    External control for activation deactivation of the motor

  • TPL

    Pause/work timer

  • WT

    Weekly digital timer

  • DT

    Daily timer

  • TMF

    Multifunction timer

  • DBT

    Buffer battery kit for alarm

  • LL

    Flashing alarm

  • AA

    Acoustic alarm 90dB

  • RL

    Relé di livello per automatismo

  • K3SL

    Kit of 3 level probes



With the SMART EVO APP you can control the status of the electric panel and of the inputs and to carry on operations without having to open the panel. 

You can download the SMART EVO APP for free both from GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE.


Language set-up.

Pair device

Search for the SMART EVO control panel to be connected via bluetooth.


Enter password according to the type of user.

"Installer" user can change the "User" and "Advanced User" password.


Customise your SMART EVO according to the type of pumping system.


Visualization of the status of inputs and outputs.

The status of the commands on the electronic board can be checked without opening the panel.

Alarms history

Visualization of the panel's alarm history (resettable).

Connection drawings


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