Light towers for sale: save money and get top quality

Are you spending much time looking for light towers for sale? Elentek can offer you a wide range of top quality solutions. Keep reading and learn more about these great products.

Light towers are used in several industrial sectors that require demanding night operations to complete the works and projects within the scheduled time. Thanks to the light towers, the workers can perform their tasks in a less troublesome and risky way.

Portable light towers can be installed in any terrain to light up vast areas, despite how unfavourable the industrial environment is, thanks to their robust construction. The use of light towers can prevent events like:

  • illegal encroachment;
  • vandalism;
  • robberies;
  • criminal acts in general.

Elentek offers different types of light towers for sale, with and without generator, in order to fulfill all the needs of its customers for lighting up industrial environments and construction sites. All the models are offered in different heights, with metal halide, LED or halogen floodlights, diesel or gasoline generators, open or soundproof.

The engines come only from the top brand national and international manufacturers, to ensure the maximum reliability. And all the other components are the result of Elentek’s 20 years experience, which ensures our light towers for sale can win even the most difficult challenges.

Our Design and Development Studio, working with the most advanced technologies, allows us to offer innovative solutions which are compliant with the international and national regulations. Don’t look any further, Elentek produces the light towers for sale you need, so stop searching and place your order right now.

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