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Control panels

Elentek is specialized in design and production of panels for control and protection of motors. The range of electronic panels for clean waters and sewage waters allows to reduce stocks and comes up beside the wide range of electromechanical panels for D.O.L., stardelta, soft-start, impedance and variable frequency motors.

The technical department of Elentek is always available for offering customized solutions for what is not already in out products catalogue.

Elentek includes a range of Booster Sets Kit for horizontal pumps and vertical pumps with base, manifolds, valves, control panel and all the necessary to quickly assembly a booster set.

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Lighting Towers

A trademark of Elentek, specialized in the production of lighting towers, with and without generator, also with LED technology.
Lighting towers with diesel or gasoline generator made to satisfy every need.
Lighting towers without generator to be connected to the power supply network or ELENTEK power division generating set.

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Anti black-out and anti flooding

The back-up sump pump systems HELP SINUS with pure sine wave are studied and projected to protect your places from flooding and setbacks caused by the temporary lack of main power supply often happening during storms or other critical weather conditions.
HELP SINUS converts the 24V/48V batteries voltage into 230V voltage using the inverter and supplying electric power to the units connected to it (electric pumps or any other single-phase device).

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