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Stop to the generating sets: Elentek renews its production for a cutting-edge offer

Publication date: 5 Luglio 2017

Elentek is a company that bases its strength on the flexibility of its own production and customer satisfaction, that has always been a priority for the company.


From these two goals, it comes the decision to concentrate our efforts on the development of innovative products, strongly influenced by the many OEMs of generating sets with which the company works. Branded lighting towers on customer specifications, switching systems for groups Generators and the historic production of control panels for pumps will be the flagship products from the second half of 2017 leaving out the production of generating sets.


The cutting-edge solutions we can offer to our customers are possible by the use of the best components on the market.


Elentek will be able to offer itself as an indispensable partner for those OEMs who will decide to complete their range of products and satisfy the most demanding requests.


Elentek reminds its customers that the production of control panels for pumps, safety panels and lighting towers remains unchanged. Should you need any information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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