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Scout: The wireless control panel for smart pumping systems within everyone’s means!

Publication date: 29 Maggio 2018

Scout is the innovative product by Elentek that allows you to connect several units together to create a complete, intuitive and low-cost multi-pump system.
Scout allows you to easily interact with your system, whether it is new or old, managing calibrations, alarms and status in real time.


  1. Scout is a multi-pump dynamic system: you can connect as many units as the number of pumps (up to 3) to be used, without having to wire Scouts or exchangers together. Scout connects to other units to make a complete multi-pump system.
  2. Scout offers the possibility to control on the screen of your smartphone all the settings and parameters of the control panel including alarms, current, hours of operation of the pump, number of starts of the pump, etc.
  3. Scout offers the possibility of adding one more Scout later to add pumps to your system without having to change the control panel.
  4. The optimized hardware and the control by microcontroller make of Scout a strong product.
  5. You can set a "max no. of start/hour" alarm to protect the pump.


  • What can Scout be used with? It can be used with floats, single-pole level probes and pressure switches. It can also be connected to any single-phase electric motor (fan, mixer, enological pump, ...) that requires simple and intuitive protection and control.
  • Is it necessary to install a specific APP to be able to access Scout? No, no APP is required. You can view the Scout application using any browser, by connecting to the Wi-Fi network generated by Scout.
  • Is it available for both iphone and android devices? Yes, and not only! Scout works with any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi network and has a browser installed, such as a laptop with Windows.
  • Can Scout be remotely controlled via the internet? No, Scout's control is limited to the area covered by the Scout network. It is not possible to control it using internet.
  • Is Scout for single-phase pumps only? At the moment yes it is, but it will be available soon also in three-phase version!
  • How many pumps can I manage with Scout? Each Scout can manage one pump only, but you can connect up to a maximum of 3 Scouts in multi-pump systems.
  • Can the network name and password be modified to access the control of Scout? Yes, it is possible to change both the name and the password of the Scout network.

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