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LED lighting: the advantages over metal halide lamps

Publication date: 19 Luglio 2017

Nowadays LEDs are spread in every light application: power products, urban lighting, civil lighting, operating rooms, automotive, design. This innovation in the field of lighting has resulted in a strong obsolescence compared to all the traditional systems, whose production suddenly fell.

In fact, LED has a higher light efficiency than the old lamps, this feature makes it more competitive than traditional lighting.

The advantages of LED compared to the metal halide technology are various:

• Greater luminance efficiency: the luminous flux is twice than a metal halide lamp with the same  electric power.

• LED can be turned off and immediately on again. On the other hand, metal halide lamps  must be cooled before re-ignition, or it could be causing dangerous blackouts.

• Greater control of light diffusion: LED does not have a bulb and with an unidirectional emission allows a more targeted light diffusion thanks to the use of highly sophisticated optics.

• Longer life: LED exceeds 60,000 hours of life, while a metal halide lamp reaches 10,000.

• LED light wiring is more elementary and reduces the chance of failure or malfunction.

• LED power system is insensitive to a temporary variation of tension, while the metal halide lamps used to flicker.

• LED is free from photobiological risk.

• LED ignition is instantaneous with very low temperature too.

• LED allows a reduction of light pollution due to its planar structure.

• LED does not contain bulbs or filaments, it is therefore highly resistant to shock and vibration.

So here's why the technological LED is moving fast on the market and its products have already become goods of large-consumption.

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