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Flanged ball valves: features and uses

Publication date: 6 Febbraio 2018

The flanged ball valves are extremely simple and reliable thanks to the total absence of internal mechanisms: this detail ensures that the valves can be used reliably in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The operating principle of the valve is based on the free movement of the ball inside the valve body that in the parts of the guide and the delivery duct is designed to ensure a completely free passage without any bottlenecks that could otherwise stop any solid materials : the pressure drops are, therefore, very low.

The ball inside the "flanged ball valves" has a low inertia so that the opening pressure of the check valve is about half that required in a clapet: the open position is obtained, therefore, without the use of springs or other mechanical parts.

In addition to having a perfect seal, the flanged ball valve has an absolutely silent closure. To obtain these results, the ball is made of phenolic resin or coated with nitrile rubber resistant to fresh or seawater, but also to wastewater or rainwater where there are hydrocarbon residues.

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