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Will the future of lighting towers be hybrid?

Publication date: 1 Settembre 2017

Italtower is a company specialized on the production of lighting towers with and without generator and also with LED technology, it is increasingly focusing on the production of hybrid or totally electric light towers in order to improve the high emission standards.

The use of these innovative lighting technologies will be widespread thanks to three factors:

  • Improvement of quality;
  • Reduced battery costs;
  • Using LED floodlights.

The use of a hybrid lighting system has several advantages:

  • Significant energy savings;
  • Large illuminated area thanks to LED technology with light diffusion control;
  • Instant lighting;
  • Exponential increase in the number of working hours;
  • Excellent performance even in the darkest hours.

To ensure excellent performance even in the darkest hours, it is possible to recharge electrically the batteries of the hybrid lighting tower by taking current from the network, an external generator or from an internal generator.

Why do not you choose a hybrid lighting tower?

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