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Are you searching for a trustworthy pump control panel manufacturer? If you have never heard about Elentek before, this your occasion: keep on reading!

A pump is a device in which pressure or tension (suction) are mechanically used in order to achieve one of the following results:

  • • fill in an inflatable object (a balloon, a tyre…) with air or another gas;
  • • compress a gas;
  • • moving a liquid from one place to another;
  • • lifting up a liquid, acting against gravity.

The use of pumps is very common in many fields, such as agriculture and irrigation, industrial plants, engines and more.

Contact Elentek as soon as you can when you need a pump control panel manufacturer, or actually - even better - find some time to browse its catalogue and check the list of available devices, you might discover something very interesting. At that point you can pick up the phone, take your tablet or laptop or kindly ask your secretary to get in touch with us: asking for assistance has never been so easy before.

With a certification ISO9001 and the expertise given by twenty years of knowledge, the staff of Elentek will become more than just a pump control panel manufacturer for you: once you have started using our top technology products, you will realize year by year how high our quality standards are and how all our control and protection panels do exactly what they are designed for.

Whether you need a pump control panel manufacturer for an electric pump with one/two motors or a submersed pump, you will find the panel you need - just check their list and you will see it with your own eyes. From the Smart series to Stardelta, from Reacto to Reactronic, the solution is there: all that is left for you to do is carefully reading their specifications and/or contact us to know more about them.

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