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ELENTEK was born in January 2011 relying on a team of people with years of experience in the electric, electronic and electromechanical sector, deciding to make available their know-how with a strong motivation to come out on top of the market.

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Company structure

The flexible, differentiated and dynamic structure of our company offers a very congruous product to the specific needs of the customer researching optimal technical solutions at the best price, with high quality components and material.
The Design and Development Studio keeps the company well-advanced with the products offer working on technological solutions for proposing innovative systems in compliance with the national and international regulations.
Each product is tested and checked to be sure of supplying a high quality standard

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Attention to details, product innovation and the highest quality standards enable us to produce thousands of products exported in every part of the world.

Project and design

Project and design

Creativity, design and Italian style are the basis of Elentek products design, a Made in Italy brand internationally recognized nowadays.

Technology and innovation

Technology and innovation

Product innovation pass through the use of technologies and materials able to guarantee reliability and durability.

Quality system

Quality system

Productive processes, quality of the product, value of human resources. Elentek obtained the ISO 9001 certificate thanks to all this.

Where we are

Piove di Sacco - Padova

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Via Meucci, 5-11
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