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It is in this phase that the Elentek Staff design philosophy emerges.

Design represents the first stage in the production of a control panel.



The production phase includes the wiring and assembly of the components.



The final check includes a series of activities necessary to establish the suitability of the product before putting it on the market. A complete test procedure that allows 100% operation to be tested.



After-sales support is one of the most important phases that Elentek wants to provide.

Customer-specific technical assistance for warranty and spare parts.

 1  Product Design

Design & engineering

It is in this phase that the design philosophy of the Elentek team emerges, seeking for simple solutions to implement innovative and functional ideas. Together we define: shapes, colors, product finishes and details with all possible design variables including any specific customer requests, whether aesthetic or functional. Electronic design represents the first stage in the realization of an electrical panel with: drawings, electrical and assembly diagrams. The technical staff of Elentek manages the entire design phase, as it is fundamental for the optimization of costs and times.


Prototyping is a fundamental production process, as it allows you to check the functionality and durability of the product before starting the series production. We therefore create a functional prototype capable of highlighting all the important points of the equipment:

  • We verify any functional problem that have not emerged in the software and hardware study and design phase;

  • We carry out all the tests, researches and market checks, even by exhibiting them to events or giving them to our distributors for use and verification.

Software and App development

We develop software and apps for supervising, testing or configuring the boards and panels we create.
We also offer customers advice for the development of dedicated Firmware for our boards.

 2  Production


All our products are assembled internally with a complete quality control cycle and tests on each production line. Our company, with its own production line, offers this service as a natural sequence of a realization process that starts from the project and ends with the supply of the final product.
Due to our flexibility, we are able to plan from small to large production series.


Plastic moulding

Injection molding of plastics is a plastic processing technique in which thermoplastic polymers are melted and injected at high pressure into a closed mold, designed to reproduce the object in detail. After the material has reached the necessary viscosity and temperature, it is injected under pressure into the cavity of the mold, which fills and solidifies to obtain the final product.

The main advantages of this technology are:
• high productivity;
• low production costs, which can quickly offset the cost of the equipment built to produce the parts;
• high automation of processes;
• the possibility of producing large quantities in a short time;
• high competitiveness.

 3  Check 

Tests and quality

The term “test” defines a series of activities necessary to establish the suitability of the product before putting it on the market. Elentek has adopted a complete testing procedure that allows to test the functioning of the electrical panels at 100% of functionality, where every single piece is fully tested to verify its correct operation and its safety.


Elentek follows every step of this process. A competent and professional team will help you to decide the best shipping option, constantly monitoring the goods until they reach their final destination.
Product packaging is a fundamental aspect which Elentek pays close attention to. Transported by road, air or container, your control panels will arrive at their destination safely and in the shortest time possible.

 4  Support 


Elentek offers a minimum of 1 year warranty on each product.
After a short report of the component malfunction, Elentek will replace it quickly.
Our support services are constantly available to our customers.
Elentek has an international distribution network with expereinced companies capable of providing excellent service to the end customer.

Components and spare parts

Immediate availability of spare parts in our stock.
Availability to organize any shipments of components to our dealers in 24 hours thanks to a widespread and efficient logistics network.

The advantages:
✓ Certified reliability of the range of original components totally managed by Elentek and with the collaboration of our partners and selected suppliers.
✓ Controlled processes thanks to rigorous production standards
✓ Lower total operating cost and higher residual value in stock
✓ Assistance and experience of a technical staff who knows the products down to the smallest detail


30 Motivated people

The strength of our company is our staff. 30 highly qualified and motivated people who manage even the most difficult challenges by working together, because together nothing is impossible.

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